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The G (major) allele is associated with:

  • GG= reduced BCMO1 activity by 48% (R).
  • Participants with a G allele had a higher average beta carotene level than participants with a T allele (R).

The G allele may affect health negatively by reducing the availability of vitamin A (retinol) but also positively by increasing the plasma concentration of powerful antioxidant molecules. A number of studies have shown that higher plasma concentrations of antioxidant carotenoids are associated in a protective manner against the development of chronic diseases and disability  (R).


Parent Gene: BCO1, PKD1L2

Importance: 4
Less common allele: T = 48%
More common allele: G = 52%
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Risk Allele: G

Disease/Trait: Carotenoid Measurement

The G allele of rs6564851 is reported to be associated with Carotenoid Measurement (R). Your genotype was not identified for this SNP so we are unable to comment on your association with Carotenoid and tocopherol levels (beta-carotene).