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  • Higher activity of FAAH protein (G) (R).

The G (major) allele is associated with:

  • Presence of the G allele was linked with an increase of recollections of the traumatic event(R). G subjects showed more intense recollections of traumatic events and of negative childhood experiences (R).
  • Increased risk of developing PTSD compared to AA subjects (R). In one study, rs2295633 was the only FAAH SNP to reveal a significant difference in PTSD prevalence (G)
  •  Negative early experiences increased PTSD risk only in those subjects presenting at least one G(R).
  • The G allele could serve as a possible marker for increased PTSD risk in subjects exposed to brain injury and combat experiences (R).
  • Higher arousal and lower fatigue levels after amphetamine ingestion (R). Increased arousal has been linked with reduced FAAH activity in animal models, thus suggesting possible higher FAAH activity in G allele carriers (GG) (R).  


Parent Gene: FAAH

Importance: 3
Minor Allele: A = 40%
Major Allele: G = 60%
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