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A study population including a total of 5,206 invasive ovarian cancer cases (2,829 of which were serous) and 8,790 controls found an association between rs2287498 and serous invasive cancer (median per allele odds ratio 1.30, CI: 1.07-1.57).[PMID 19276375]

[PMID 20386703] Association between DNA damage response and repair genes and risk of invasive serous ovarian cancer.

[PMID 23192612] Association of common WRAP 53 variant with ovarian cancer risk in the Polish population

[PMID 22773013] Genetic variants in TP53 and MDM2 associated with male infertility in Chinese population.


Parent Gene: TP53
Importance: 1
Minor Allele: T = 22%
Major Allele: C = 78%
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