rs2066847 is one of several SNPs referring to a one base insertion into a run of C's within exon 11 of the NOD2 gene; the other SNPs are rs5743293 and rs112436597.

The two initial reports linking this insertion variant with Crohn's disease are [PMID 11385576] and [PMID 11385577]. In OMIM, this insertion is allelic variant #605956.0001

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Parent Gene: NOD2

Importance: 3
Less common allele: C = 1%
More common allele: None = None
My Genotype: Log In
Risk Allele: T, C

Disease/Trait: Crohn's Disease

rs2066847 is associated with Crohn's Disease (R) . It is reported to increased association with Crohn's disease. No specific risk allele was identified in the study.

Disease/Trait: Crohn's Disease

The C allele of rs2066847 is reported to be associated with Crohn's Disease (R) . Your genotype was not identified for this SNP so we are unable to comment on your association with Crohn's disease.