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Parent Gene: LOC105370656, LOC105370657
Importance: 3
Minor Allele: T = 1%
Major Allele: C = 99%
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Risk Allele:

Disease/Trait: Response To Antipsychotic Drug

rs1459148 is associated with Response To Antipsychotic Drug(R). It is reported to association with Response to antipsychotic therapy (extrapyramidal side effects) (SAS). No specific risk allele was identified in the study.

Reported risk allele frequency: None
Reported genes: LOC105370656 , LOC105370657
Risk Allele: None (P=2.00*10-6)
Context: intergenic_variant
Study title: Genomewide association study of movement-related adverse antipsychotic effects. (R)
Initial sample size: 421 European ancestry schizophrenia cases, 214 African American schizophrenia cases, 103 schizophrenia cases
Replication sample size:
Journal: Biol Psychiatry (R)
Year published: Oct. 27, 2009
Strength of evidence: Strong