• Increased levels of DBH protein (G)
  • Decreased levels of DBH protein (A)
  • DBH converts dopamine to norepinephrine and the A allele is associated with lower levels of DBH [R]and therefore lower norepinephrine to dopamine ratios [R].
  • Higher Dopamine, lower norepinephrine (A) [R].
  • Lower Dopamine, higher norepinephrine (G) [R].

The Minor "G" allele is associated with:

  • Individual differences in retention accuracy in a spatial working memory (match-to-sample) task but not with performance on a spatial attention task. (R)
  • Increased risk of having Parkinsons Disease (R). Note: One study shows insignificant connections to PD (R).
  • Increased risk of alcoholism (R).
  • Methamphetamine psychosis, with more than a 2x greater chance of relapsing after going through complete remission (R)
  • Alcoholism withdrawal symptoms begin 2 years after remission, significantly sooner than normal (R)
  • Faster dependence on alcohol (GG) (R).

The Major "A" allele is associated with:

  • Slightly increased risk of Schizophrenia (R).
  • Hyperactive and oppositional characteristic traits (R).
  • More accurate and speedier decision making when incorrect advice is given (R).
  • Faster at verifying computer-generated recommendations (R).
  • Increased likelihood of ADHD (RR), especially for males (R).



Parent Gene: DBH

Importance: 3
Less common allele: G = 43%
More common allele: A = 57%
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