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unipolar depression disease

Definition: A mood disorder having a clinical course involving one or more episodes of serious psychological depression that last two or more weeks each, do not have intervening episodes of mania or hypomania, and are characterized by a loss of interest or pleasure in almost all activities and by some or all of disturbances of appetite, sleep, or psychomotor functioning, a decrease in energy, difficulties in thinking or making decisions, loss of self-esteem or feelings of guilt, and suicidal thoughts or attempts.

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Depression genepack

Author: m.gundinger
Genes in this gene pack: BDNF, FKBP5, HTR2A, SLC6A4, TPH2

Depression genepack

Author: churd25
Genes in this gene pack: AKT1, BDNF, CHRM2, CNR1, DIO1, DRD2, GSK3B, HTR1A, HTR2A, HTR2C, IRF5, MAOA, OXTR, TPH2

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Methylfolate and Resistant Depression Via Emily Deans M.D. (Evolutionary Psychiatry) forum

I am sharing this article, very interesting read. Including citations.

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Depression, Postpartum trait

Major Depression trait

long term synaptic depression biological process

regulation of long term synaptic depression biological process

negative regulation of long term synaptic depression biological process

positive regulation of long term synaptic depression biological process

rs1805502 snp

Genes: GRIN2B
SNP description:

rs1805502 is a SNP of the GRIN2B gene. It is significantly associated with mental disorders.

There was a significant association between the ''G'' allele and treatment-resistant depression (TRD) with an excess of this allele in the TRD group, compared to non-TRD group (OR = 1.55, corrected P = 0.008) [R].

The minor allele ''G'' was associated with a significant lower reasoning ability in schizophrenia. In the postmortem brain, the ''G'' allele was associated with reduced expression of ...

rs187238 snp

Genes: IL18
SNP description:

''C'' allele is associated with a lower risk of sudden cardiac death (SCD). Among GG homozygotes, hypertension was a major risk factor for sudden cardiac death (SCD) due to coronary heart disease (CHD) (OR= 3.75, P < 0.001) and hypertension was also associated with larger coronary atherosclerotic plaque areas (P = 0.002) and the occurrence of complicated plaques (OR 8.38, P < 0.001) [R].

''G'' allele was associated with an increased risk of ischemic stroke (IS) in patients with large artery atherosclerosis (LAA) (OR = 1.583, P = 0.02)&...

rs1946518 snp

Genes: IL18
SNP description:

The ''T'' allele was positively associated with treatment response (p = 0.0190; OR 1.537) in patients with chronic hepatitis C [R].

The ''G'' allele was associated with an increased risk of ischemic stroke (IS) with an odds ratios (OR) of 1.358 (P = 0.002) [R].

The allele ''T'' confers a 1.47-fold increased risk of developing tuberculosis (TB) (P = 0.0001, OR  = 1.47) [R].

The individuals carrying TG/GG genotype of G/T polymorphism were associated with an increased asthma risk in reces...

rs2020917 snp

Genes: COMT
SNP description:

The Major "C" allele is associated with:

  • schizophrenia [R].
  • female depression [R].

rs2061174 snp

Genes: CHRM2
SNP description:

The Minor allele “T” is associated with:

  • Lower risk of alcohol dependence and major depression (in haplotype with rs182402 and rs324650) [R].

  • Higher BMI in males and greater risk of obesity [R].

The Major allele “C” is associated with:

  • Earlier age of onset for alcohol dependence [R].

Unknown SNP association:

  • Increased IQ in adults [R]

rs2070106 snp

Genes: CNP
SNP description:

Based on a study of 790 individuals from 245 nuclear families (220 families were European Caucasian; 300 of the probands had a diagosis of schizophrenia), the rs2070106(G) allele was overtransmitted to affected offspring.[PMID 18496213]

This actually conflicts with a previous report [PMID 16389193] in which the rs2070106(A) allele was identified (also in Caucasians) in a combined gene association/expression study as associated with schizophrenia.

This is either a case of the "flip-flop" phenomenon [PMID 17273975] in which multilocus effects and variation in interlocus correlations reverse ...

rs2070995 snp

Genes: KCNJ6
SNP description:

The TT genotype was strongly and significantly associated with Ruminative Response Scale (RRS) scores (a predictive of relapse and recurrence of depression) [R].



rs2230912 snp

Genes: P2RX7
SNP description:

rs2230912, also known as Q460R, is a SNP in the purinergic receptor P2X, ligand-gated ion channel, 7 P2RX7 gene.

This SNP has been reported to be associated with increased risk for bipolar disorder in one study [PMID 18268501], but the association was not replicated in a large UK case-control sample (bipolar I disorder N = 687, unipolar recurrent major depression N = 1,036, controls N = 1,204)[PMID 19160446].

The G allele is the putative risk allele.


rs2235015 snp

Genes: ABCB1
SNP description: rs2235015 is a SNP in the ABCB1 gene (also known as the MDR1 gene), which encodes a protein that transports certain molecules across the blood-brain barrier. SNPs in ABCB1 may thus influence the intracerebral concentrations of certain drugs and thus their efficacy or potential for adverse side effects. rs2032583 is near 9 SNPs found within a tight linkage block (r2 >= 0.8 ) such that the minor allele at any one of them predicts (with ~80%+ accuracy) that the other SNPs will also be the minor allele. The list of the 9 SNPs is shown below. rs2235015 has an r2 value of >0.5 with this gro...