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interleukin-6 measurement measurement

Definition: Is a quantification of interleukin-6, a pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokine.

Interleukin-6 Receptor alpha Subunit chemical

Synonyms: Antigens, CD126|CD126 Antigens|CD126 Receptor|Interleukin 6 Receptor alpha Subunit|Receptor, CD126
Definition: A low affinity interleukin-6 receptor subunit that combines with the CYTOKINE RECEPTOR GP130 to form a high affinity receptor for INTERLEUKIN-6.

Interleukin-6 chemical

Synonyms: B Cell Differentiation Factor|B-Cell Differentiation Factor|B Cell Differentiation Factor 2|B-Cell Differentiation Factor-2|B Cell Stimulatory Factor 2|B Cell Stimulatory Factor-2|B-Cell Stimulatory Factor 2|B-Cell Stimulatory Factor-2|BSF-2|Differentiation Factor 2, B Cell|Differentiation Factor-2, B-Cell|Differentiation Factor, B Cell|Differentiation Factor, B-Cell|Differentiation-Inducing Protein, Myeloid|Growth Factor, Hybridoma|Growth Factor, Plasmacytoma|Hepatocyte Stimulating Factor|Hepatocyte-Stimulating Factor|Hybridoma Growth Factor|IFN-beta 2|IL6|IL-6|Interleukin 6|MGI-2|Myeloid ...
Definition: A cytokine that stimulates the growth and differentiation of B-LYMPHOCYTES and is also a growth factor for HYBRIDOMAS and plasmacytomas. It is produced by many different cells including T-LYMPHOCYTES; MONOCYTES; and FIBROBLASTS.

interleukin-6 receptor activity molecular function

interleukin-6 receptor binding molecular function

interleukin-6 binding molecular function

interleukin-6 receptor measurement measurement

Definition: Is a quantification of the IL-6 receptor (CD126), activation may lead to the regulation of the immune response, acute-phase reactions and hematopoiesis. Cytokine with a wide variety of biological functions. It is a potent inducer of the acute phase response. Plays an essential role in the final differentiation of B-cells into Ig-secreting cells Involved in lymphocyte and monocyte differentiation. Acts on B-cells, T-cells, hepatocytes, hematopoietic progenitor cells and cells of the CNS. Required for the generation of T(H)17 cells. Also acts as a myokine. It is discharged into the bloodstrea...

interleukin-6 inhibitor health effect

interleukin-6-mRNA inhibitor health effect

response to interleukin-6 biological process

interleukin-6 secretion biological process

interleukin-6 production biological process

interleukin-6 biosynthetic process biological process

DAB(389)-interleukin 6 chemical

Synonyms: DAB(389)-IL6

interleukin-6, mouse chemical

Synonyms: IL-6, mouse

interleukin 6-interleukin 6 receptor fusion protein, recombinant chemical

Synonyms: IL6-sIL6R protein, recombinant|IL-6-Soluble IL-6R protein, recombinant|interleukin 6-interleukin 6 receptor fusion protein

interleukin-6-mediated signaling pathway biological process

cellular response to interleukin-6 biological process

regulation of interleukin-6 production biological process

22-interleukin-6 cysteine(3,4) chemical

Synonyms: delta22-IL-6 Cys 3,4

interleukin-6, RRV-HHV-8 chemical

Synonyms: IL-6 protein, RRV-HHV8

negative regulation of interleukin-6 secretion biological process

interleukin-6, 2-nitrophenylsulfenyl-Trp(36,160)- chemical

Synonyms: 2-nitrophenylsulfenyl-interleukin-6|interleukin-6, 2-nitrophenylsulfenyltryptophanyl(36,160)-|NpS-interleukin-6|NpS-mIL-6|Nps-murine interleukin-6

negative regulation of interleukin-6 production biological process