Summary of SLC2A1

The SLC2A1 gene encodes a protein called the glucose transporter protein type 1 (GLUT1). The GLUT1 protein transports glucose into cells for use as energy (R). 

Mutations can cause GLUT1 deficiency, which can lead to brain disorders with symptoms that can include developmental delay, intellectual disability, movement problems, and epilepsy (R). 

The Function of SLC2A1

Facilitative glucose transporter. This isoform may be responsible for constitutive or basal glucose uptake. Has a very broad substrate specificity; can transport a wide range of aldoses including both pentoses and hexoses.

Protein names

Recommended name:

Solute carrier family 2, facilitated glucose transporter member 1

Short name:


Alternative name(s):

Glucose transporter type 1, erythrocyte/brain
HepG2 glucose transporter

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