Summary of RUNX2

The gene codes for a protein, runt related transcription factor 2. Mutations are linked to the bone development disorder cleidocranial dysplasia (CCD) [R].

The Function of RUNX2

Transcription factor involved in osteoblastic differentiation and skeletal morphogenesis. Essential for the maturation of osteoblasts and both intramembranous and endochondral ossification. CBF binds to the core site, 5'-PYGPYGGT-3', of a number of enhancers and promoters, including murine leukemia virus, polyomavirus enhancer, T-cell receptor enhancers, osteocalcin, osteopontin, bone sialoprotein, alpha 1(I) collagen, LCK, IL-3 and GM-CSF promoters. In osteoblasts, supports transcription activation: synergizes with SPEN/MINT to enhance FGFR2-mediated activation of the osteocalcin FGF-responsive element (OCFRE) (By similarity). Inhibits KAT6B-dependent transcriptional activation.

Protein names

Recommended name:

Runt-related transcription factor 2

Short name:


Alternative name(s):

Acute myeloid leukemia 3 protein
Core-binding factor subunit alpha-1
Oncogene AML-3
Osteoblast-specific transcription factor 2
Polyomavirus enhancer-binding protein 2 alpha A subunit
PEA2-alpha A
PEBP2-alpha A
SL3-3 enhancer factor 1 alpha A subunit
SL3/AKV core-binding factor alpha A subunit

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