Summary of GRIN2B

This gene encodes for ionotropic glutamate receptors. It is involved with memory and learning (R). 

The Function of GRIN2B

NMDA receptor subtype of glutamate-gated ion channels with high calcium permeability and voltage-dependent sensitivity to magnesium. Mediated by glycine. In concert with DAPK1 at extrasynaptic sites, acts as a central mediator for stroke damage. Its phosphorylation at Ser-1303 by DAPK1 enhances synaptic NMDA receptor channel activity inducing injurious Ca2+ influx through them, resulting in an irreversible neuronal death.

Protein names

Recommended name:

Glutamate receptor ionotropic, NMDA 2B

Short name:


Alternative name(s):

Glutamate [NMDA] receptor subunit epsilon-2
N-methyl D-aspartate receptor subtype 2B
N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor subunit 3

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