Summary of FOXO1

FOXO1 Summary:

  • This gene can be involved in cell deaths (apoptosis) [R]

  • The presence of insulin deactivates the gene [R]

  • This gene is also involved in glucose metabolism, the cell cycle and cell differentiation [R]

  • FOXO1 can act as a tumor suppressor because of its ability to activate cell death [R]

Mutations of the FOXO1 Gene:

  • The deletion of the FOXO1 is thought to be associated with prostate cancer, as without this gene the tumor cannot be suppressed [R]   

The Function of FOXO1

Transcription factor that is the main target of insulin signaling and regulates metabolic homeostasis in response to oxidative stress. Binds to the insulin response element (IRE) with consensus sequence 5'-TT[G/A]TTTTG-3' and the related Daf-16 family binding element (DBE) with consensus sequence 5'-TT[G/A]TTTAC-3'. Activity suppressed by insulin. Main regulator of redox balance and osteoblast numbers and controls bone mass. Orchestrates the endocrine function of the skeleton in regulating glucose metabolism. Acts synergistically with ATF4 to suppress osteocalcin/BGLAP activity, increasing glucose levels and triggering glucose intolerance and insulin insensitivity. Also suppresses the transcriptional activity of RUNX2, an upstream activator of osteocalcin/BGLAP. In hepatocytes, promotes gluconeogenesis by acting together with PPARGC1A and CEBPA to activate the expression of genes such as IGFBP1, G6PC and PCK1. Important regulator of cell death acting downstream of CDK1, PKB/AKT1 and SKT4/MST1. Promotes neural cell death. Mediates insulin action on adipose tissue. Regulates the expression of adipogenic genes such as PPARG during preadipocyte differentiation and, adipocyte size and adipose tissue-specific gene expression in response to excessive calorie intake. Regulates the transcriptional activity of GADD45A and repair of nitric oxide-damaged DNA in beta-cells. Required for the autophagic cell death induction in response to starvation or oxidative stress in a transcription-independent manner.

Protein names

Recommended name:

Forkhead box protein O1

Alternative name(s):

Forkhead box protein O1A
Forkhead in rhabdomyosarcoma

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