Our Demo Tour will give you a basic overview of how to use SelfDecode.

Check out our demo tour to learn more and see descriptions of common genetic terms.

The SNP analyzer will only bring back SNP packs that have a certain amount of data.  If nothing showed, it means there wasn't enough data.

If your file doesn't contain enough SNPs to make a conclusion, the SNP pack won't show up.

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The SNP Analyzer gives letter scores from "A+" to "F". An "A+" would indicate that you function well with said trait or issue. A "C" indicates that you are average in the trait or issue. An "F" indicates that you should pay attention to the SNPs that might be problematic.

Example 1:

Depression Status: A +

This means that you have a good amount of SNPs that cause you to be resilient to depression.

Example 2:

Early To Bed, Early To Rise: A+

This means that you might be an early riser.  An "F" would indicate that you're a night owl.

Response To Stress: F

This means that you may not tolerate stress well.

The following genome sequencing services are currently supported: 23andme, AncestryDNA, FamilyTree, Courtagen.  Our favorite currently is 23andme.

So, the first step would be getting your raw data file from one of those services. It usually takes 6-8 weeks to get your raw data file so do not pay the subscription on SelfDecode before you get your file.

"For example I read: ApoE4 gene means fish oil might  cause negative side effects."

APOE4 is not a gene, it's a certain variant that people have.  APOE4 is the high risk variant of the APOE gene. 

This variant can be inferred from SNPs.  The presence of both rs7412(C;C) and rs429358(C;C) indicates the highest risk APOE-ε4/APOE-ε4.

Alternatively, you can use the search feature on the menu bar of the site, and it'll show SNPs or genes that mention APOE4.

You can find any specific SNP by using the URL and filling in the underscore with the rsid: https://www.selfdecode.com/snp/____________

Alternatively, you can use the search feature on the menu bar of the site.

You can find any specific gene by using the URL and filling in the underscore: https://www.selfdecode.com/gene/____________

So if you want to find the APOE gene and its related SNPs, you will find it https://www.selfdecode.com/gene/APOE

Alternatively, you can use the search feature on the menu bar of the site.

All of the information comes from pubmed and science journals, but some of the references were taken out when we moved databases. 

If it keeps saying that the email is invalid, it's because the person doesn't have a SelfDecode account.

You can only share your report with someone who has access to the program.

A gene is composed of alleles.  When there is a variation of an allele, it's called a SNP.  So SNPs make up genes.  My bad SNPs are the individual SNPs that come up as bad.  My bad genes are looking how many bad SNPs you have in the whole gene.

By default, 2 minor or less common alleles will display a red color.  But sometimes, the less common variety can have benefits.  So if it displays red, it doesn't mean it's "bad."

You should never take any drastic action or an action that has significant side effects based on your genetics.  Currently, the best way to use your genes is to motivate you to take a healthy action that you should already be taking.

If you see something that may alarm you, make sure to speak with your doctor to understand what these results mean.

The FDA says that it has the ability to regulate genomic interpretation (whether we like it or not) because people sometimes take drastic action based on genetic results.

You shouldn't make any changes in medical behavior based on your genes without discussing with your doctor.  

However, if you see something in your genetics that will motivate you to take a healthy action, then that's always a good thing.

Every report has a download button here, which allows you to download the report.

Any interpretation or information presented is simply a probability.

The SNP analyzer is a way to aggregate information, often from contradicting SNPs. You shouldn't use the information as factual, but rather as something to look more into.  Often, there will be SNPs that contradict each other in the SNP analyzer. This is because people are made up of millions of SNPs that often do contradictory functions and it's the totality of these functions that decide what your biology is like.

The SNP analyzer aims to integrate information from a certain function to come up with a clearer picture.  You should rely on it as a rough estimation of what you're like.

There can be mistakes here and there, but we reference all of our material, which you can check.  ~99% of the time, it's correct.

Recurring monthly subscriptions can be canceled at any time.

Subscriptions are very easy to cancel.  When signed into the program, you just click on your email at the top right and go to the subscriptions page.

Or just click here to get to the subscriptions page.

When you cancel your subscription, you will lose access to the app at the end of the billing cycle.  You are welcome to download PDFs of your SNPs to save them for the future.

SelfDecode only does the genetic analysis.  People upload their data from 23andme, Ancestry, Familytree and Courtagen.  23andme has the most SNPs from all of these companies.

We will be supporting whole genome analyses and whole exome analyses soon.  Please send your file over to support@selfdecode.com if you want us to support it.  If we get more than one person with a particular file who wants us to support that file, then we will support it (we will allow you to upload it and get your analysis).

SelfDecode does not attempt to treat, diagnose or cure any condition.  We are simply an interface in which you can more easily see what the science is saying about your genetics.

Nothing that we have on the site is FDA approved.