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We accept all major genotyping services (e.g. 23andMe, Ancestry, FamilyTree etc.)

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Unlock your genetics and discover valuable information about your genome that will help improve your lifestyle

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This data informs the genetic pathways that we will recommend you focus on improving

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We integrate genetics, blood tests, symptoms and more, to give you the best recommendations possible

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SelfDecode is a platform that enables you to maximize your genetic information. A suite of tools provides recommendations and visualizations based on your data. Get dietary and supplement suggestions designed to counter any negative genetic variations you may carry. Dive deeper using our extensive databases covering SNPs, genes, substances, diseases, and more!

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Your Variance

Filter through our database of 30,000 SNPs and see your variation from the normal population. Sort by SNP importance, minor allele frequency and reputation.

Recommendation engine

We use proprietary algorithms to filter through all of the interventions that interact well with your custom profile to deliver optimal recommendations.

Genes to explore

We have an algorithm that identifies potentially problematic genes that you should keep an eye on.

SNP analyzer

Our SNP analyzer aggregates data relevant to specific issues into a unified report. We have over 100 categories to choose from.

“ Lots of easy to understand Info. Very well presented for the Lay person. ”



“ Packed with information and tools! Links to published research, use of algorithms to help interpret importance of particular SNPs, and summary of potential fixes are unique and very helpful. Very ambitious in all that it attempts to synthesize without oversimplifying! Great job!!! ”



“ It was good, but in the few months I've had it it has continuously gotten better. Very helpful knowledge for how to approach one's shortcomings from a genetic perspective. Absolutely necessary stuff for a truly holistic approach to gaining self-knowledge. You can't do it with self-improvement work and psychologists alone. ”



“ This is simply the most comprehensive personal genomic tool that I've come across (and I've tried quite a few). ”



“ Amazing information, it's like I've been given a user manual specifically for me. ”



“ I love being able to access this information on my terms. No doctor has this detailed information.I can study and try new things and check results. Very grateful for the ability to access this information. ”



“ I've learned so much from this service that it'd be wrong to not share! ”



“ Very concise but thorough analysis on topics most doctors won't talk about although a number of studies are out there. ”



“ Very informative. The science behind it is key!! ”



“ This is the way medicine needs to go.....power in your hands to make changes. Love it! ”



“ People ask me for information about health and supplements, I always indicate they can go here for further consideration and find links to research. ”



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Post on our community forums and work together to understand yourself and each other. We have PhDs in genetics and MDs moderating the boards to offer their professional insights as well.

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